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Pure Harmony Massage specializes in

massage and energy therapies.

Our expertise includes:

Pure Harmony Massage: Your session will be tailored perfectly to suit the needs of your unique body. Soothing spa methods, deep tissue work to relieve your muscle knots and trouble spots, and sports massage techniques for recovering from your athletic endeavors; all will be combined in a session that is precisely what you've been "kneading" And if you come to us with chronic pain or other specific medical issues, we're ready and able to help you heal those, too! We also offer specialized sinus/migraine therapies.

Reiki: This treatment provides profound relaxation and stress reduction. Originating in Japan nearly 100 years ago, it is now a worldwide practice, offering Divine Energy to your system. This technique involves little or no touch, and clients remain fully clothed for the session. The treatment can be performed with client seated or lying down, and can also be performed across distances, for clients who do not live locally. 

Spirit Clearing: This is a technique that requests and engages Divine Power to assist those who are suffering spiritual distress. This technique enhances the sense of spiritual wholeness, and can cut etheric cords of fear and lack that may be draining your energy and vitality. Spirit clearing can help to release and remove negative influences from your energy or your property, that are interfering with your well-being and success. This technique can be performed in person or remotely, with excellent results.

Raindrop Treatment: This technique uses Young Living Essential Oils applied to the soles of the feet and along the spine to promote the release and clearing of toxins and support the body's immune system. An excellent choice for cold and flu season, to speed recovery from other common viruses and to enhance health.

Hot Stone Massage: Using smooth stones heated to precisely 120°, the therapist will apply light kneading and friction to sore muscles, enhanced by the powerfully relaxing element of heat. When and where needed, deep tissue or myofascial release techniques will be incorporated with the hot stone therapy. The warmth and weight of the stones add an elemental layer to this transporting treatment!

Integrative Therapy: An open-ended session that takes as long as it takes, Integrative Therapy brings together any types of treatments that client and therapist deem to be helpful to the client at the time of the session. Treatments can include Massage, Spirit Clearing, Crystal Therapy, Sound Vibrational Healing, Essential Oil Therapy, Reiki, Access Bar Treatment, Pendulum Therapy, Readings and more.

 Access Bars: A treatment that works with 32 points on the head, clearing those energies that are barriers to our ability to create and receive. This technique helps us to shift from judgment to allowance, from limitation to possibilities, from feeling victimized by life, to greater awareness of all the possible choices - all in one relaxing and gentle treatment! If you are ready for a life upgrade, come get your bars run!!!

Cup of Consciousness Session: A conversation between the client and "Raven" Anne, using tools and awarenesses based on Access Consciousness principles. This session can help to unlock the automatic and scripted blocks that play out in a client's thoughts, preventing progress and diminishing our capabilities to create and receive what we most desire. This is a nurturing time to generate new awareness and be supported in becoming conscious of when, how and why we stop ourselves from receiving.

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